Return and Refund Policy

For any reason if you do not like your subscription to 100% Gir cows’ milk, you can request a return at the Adya Organics Customer Service Centre.
There are different rules for varied situations:
1. You would like to pause your subscription due to travel/some other reason:
a- If the cancellation is for 3 or less days, no refund would be provided.
b- If the cancellation is for more than 3 days, the amount under question would be adjusted in your next month’s order cycle. In case you do not continue your subscription the next month, there are no refunds offered in that case.
2. We have not delivered milk due to reasons like storm, flood, road strikes, milk spoilage, accidents, national holidays, etc.
The total value in rupees for the products which we have not delivered will be subtracted from your next month’s bill.
3. In a rare case, if the product you received is of defective packaging, please email a picture of the same immediately to, and upon confirmation we will replace the product and take your request for refund.
Refund would be in the name of the customer by crossed cheque only and may take up to 15 working days to be actioned.