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Welcome to Indo Spanish Chamber Of Commerce

The Indo-Spanish Chamber of Commerce acts as an official nuclear point, providing linkages between the Indian and Spanish business communities, covering the whole Indian territory wherever there is a need, with members from the different Indian geographies. As a Chamber our members pertain to several industries like Banking and Finance, Back-office services, Engineering and Construction, Food and Beverage, Garments and Fashion, Hospitality Automotive, Logistics, Manufacturing , Relocation services, Sports, Utilities and Renewable energies. We are open for companies who share the Indo-Spanish connect, including individual members who want to get associated with us

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our activities

The activities Indo Spanish Chamber of commerce develops are

Quarterly members meeting, to review activities execution and satisfaction, propose new developments and review financials
Business Breakfast and Evening Cocktail events, covering different topics/matters of concern to the business community when working in India, with the participation of third party experts, offering specific and individual advice for success
Christmas lunch, members’ family dinners and living Spanish sports events, for bonding and networking
Developing MoUs with Spanish and Indian company associations and industries federations, to be the reference player and main gate to the Spanish business community in India, and promoter of bilateral relations for Indian companies willing to do business in Spain
Participation in different observatories and initiatives towards easing business in India, by presenting the issues of Spanish companies
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The Indo-Spanish Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit organization where Spanish and Indian business firms exchange knowledge and experience on how best to confront the challenges of operating in India, and for Indian companies, in Spain. Working together, the Chamber helps its members to connect their business with other businesses and with opportunities. Endorsed by the Spanish Government and by the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in India, as part of the objectives and priorities of the “Internationalisation Strategy of the Spanish Economy, 2017-2027” initiative, the Chamber enhances economic ties between Spain and India.As an important milestone and token of all the above, Indo Spanish Chamber of Commerce has been recognised by the Spanish Government as the official Chamber of Commerce in India in August 2019.

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Our Members

The Indo-Spanish Chamber of Commerce has members from all across India and it has been a connecting link between Spanish and Indian business firms to exchange knowledge and experience on how best to confront the challenges of operating in India, and for Indian companies, in Spain.